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This is hand stitched wallet. It is constructed from four pieces of leather glued together. The benefits of this style is both aesthetic and practical. Practically this is a very slim wallet that takes up very little space in the pocket. It also have 4 exposed edges are have been burnished and waxed.


Who Uses This Wallet

The person that wants this wallet is looking for a wallet that fits just the essentials. They like to carry no more than 5 cards with a couple folded bills. They are looking to showcase the leather itself as well as the stitching and edge finishing  that highlights the craftsmanship of a hand made leather wallet.



The interior compartment can hold up to 4 cards comfortably with the exterior pockets designed for a single card. The interior can also accommodate folded cash of CAD and USD.



Interior | Natural Mexico Leather

Exterior | Blue Koala Leather

Orko | Blue & Natural

Excluding GST/HST
  • Height - 3"
    Width - 4"
    Thickness - 1/4"