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Our small-batch leather goods are all about quality and uniqueness, handcrafted to give you something special that lasts. With our private-label options, businesses can offer their own line of custom leather goods, and when we set up at events, we bring that hands-on craftsmanship right to your guests, even offering personalized touches to make each item one-of-a-kind.

Small Batch

Small-batch leather goods represent the epitome of craftsmanship. 

This approach not only ensures superior quality but also allows for a high degree of customization, making each piece unique.

Our small-scale production fosters a sustainable and ethical manufacturing process, aligning with the values of consumers who appreciate the longevity and timeless design that small-batch leather goods offer.


Private-label leather goods offer retailers and brands the opportunity to provide high-quality, customized products under their own name.

This level of customization enables companies to create a cohesive brand experience for their customers, while also ensuring that the goods align with their ethical and quality benchmarks. Private-label leather goods are an excellent way for businesses to differentiate themselves.

In-Person Events

Our on-site setup offers attendees the opportunity to experience the artistry of handmade leather goods up close. Whether it's a PR event, a retailer showcase, or a corporate gathering, our presence adds a tactile, interactive element that engages guests and elevates the overall experience. 

Additionally, we offer on-the-spot personalization, allowing guests to leave with a truly unique,

customized keepsake.


We offer embossing on all our products for Small Batch, Private-Label. Custom stamps are ordered for your specific brand and embossed or gold foil stamped.


We currently have one font set available for personalization. The available characters are shown below, 3 of each capital letter, lower case letter and number as well as special characters.

Letter Sets


I'd like to see a list of products you offer, do you have a product portfolio?

You can see a list of our existing product line HERE. These products can all be ordered in bulk with private-label branding options. If you are looking for a custom product please let us know, there is no charge (usually) for creating a custom product. If the product is more complicated or technical, we have have additional fees associated with the costs to protoype.

How long does it take to produce a small batch order?

A small batch order is 100 pieces or less and can usually be produced in 7 working days once all the material is in the studio. In our experience this usually works out to 6 weeks from when we first are in contact to the order being delivered. (4 weeks finalizing details, 1 week to receive the materials and 1 week for production).

We are hosting an event, do you offer event services?

Yes. We can provide in person services where we personalize pre-made products for your guests. If you are a PR company looking for interactive experiences for your clients event, we can offer specific services for the guests like making their own belt or learning how to hand stitch leather. 

Do you have different pricing categories or options?

Most wallets are going to be in the $100 range with smaller leather goods like keychains and coasters in the $25 range. Our pricing is based on the quantity being ordered, the level or branding or customization. In order to provide the most accurate price, it's best to contact us with your specific requirements, we can usually get you a quote within 48-hours.

Do you offer personalization or branding options?

Yes, we offer both personalization as well as branding options. We have the options to cold stamp using custom brass dies or laser engraving. There are pros and cons to either option and we will communicate this during the initial communication. If we feel one option is more appropriate than the other, we will let you know.

Do you ship worldwide and what are my options and costs?

We ship our products across the world. Costs and times will vary greatly depending on the weight and location of delivery. Once the order is complete and we know the size and weight of the package we will provide the shipping costs. Any taxes and duties owned are not included in the price.


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