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These leather luggage tags serve several practical and aesthetic purposes that can enhance your travel experience.  A distinctive leather luggage tag can help your bag stand out on the carousel, making it easier to spot amongst a sea of similar bags. They include a plastic sleeve with an identification card for your contact information. The flap conceals your personal information, providing an added layer of security. The leather strap is has a buckle to securely attached your tag to your lugggage. These also make excellent gifts for travelers, offering a blend of functionality and luxury.

All items are Ready-To-Ship within 48 hours of purchase. Personalization is available.


  • Identification Insert with sealed plastic sleeve.

  • Adjustable strap.

  • Hand Stitched.

  • Personalization available.


The luggage tag measures 5.25" tall and 3.25" wide. 


Interested in a bespoke piece made from this unique leather? Contact us today for a quote on your custom piece. 

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