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A made-to-order leather item is a personalized piece, according to your specific preferences and needs. You have the opportunity to select the leather type and color as well as the type and colour of thread.


Why Vegetable-Tanned Leather?

Vegetable-tanned leather is a type of leather that is tanned using tannins extracted from plants, rather than chemicals. This process results in a more natural look and feel to the leather, and is often considered more environmentally friendly than other tanning methods.

The alternative is chrome-tanned leather, a type of leather that is tanned using chromium salts. This process is quicker and less expensive than vegetable tanning, and it produces leather that is more consistent in color and texture. Chrome-tanned leather is also more resistant to water, heat, and mildew than vegetable-tanned leather. However, the chrome tanning process is considered more harmful to the environment, as it generates harmful waste and by-products.

Why Hand Stitch?

Hand-stitching leather offers several benefits compared to other methods of stitching. Hand stitching allows for greater precision and control, which results in a stronger and more durable stitch. The thread is pulled tighter and more evenly, creating a stronger bond between the leather pieces.


Hand stitching also offers a more aesthetically pleasing finish; because each stitch is individually set, the resulting pattern is more consistent and visually appealing than machine stitching. This is also a key identifier of a quality handmade leather good. Hand stitching is often more flexible and able to accommodate the natural movement of the leather over time. This means that the stitching is less likely to break or wear down, even after years of use. It also allows for easier repairs, as individual stitches can be removed and replaced as needed without damaging the surrounding leather.

Overall, the benefits of hand-stitching leather include greater precision, aesthetic appeal, and durability.

When designing your made-to-order item you will have the choice between two stitching styles; Coarse and Fine. The coarse stitch is best for more rugged items, whereas the fine stitch is best for more "luxury" style leather goods.

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