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Nomo Wallet featured in Marbled Hatch Green Rocado Shell Cordovan.  It is constructed from two pieces of leather folded in half and wrapped around each other. The benefits of this style is both aesthetic and practical. Because the leather is folded the interior pocket capacity is quite large, comfortably holding 6 cards.



The Nomo wallet measures 4" tall, 3" wide and 0.5" to 0.75" in thickness. Depending on the weight of the leather used the overall thickness will vary.

Nomo | Marbled Hatch Green Rocado Shell Cordovan

Excluding GST/HST
    • Rocado Shell Cordovan.
    • Interior compartment can hold up to 4 cards comfortably.
    • Exterior pockets designed for a single card.
    • The interior can also accommodate twice-folded cash of CAD, USD, EUR and YEN for example.
  • Rocado Shell Cordovan is some of the most sought after Shell Cordovan today. Know for its pristine finish, incredible textures and vibrant colours.