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This is the first Limited Edition Collection featuring the Seigaiha pattern. This collection is available in both the Orko and Nomo wallet patterns. **Add you choice of leather colour at checkout**


There are only 5 of each wallet style available (5 Orko, 5 Nomo) in your choice of 6 mexico leather colours. Thread colour will match the leather choice. Future releases may include this pattern but it will be displayed in a different location and style.


This release feaures the Seigaiha pattern on the interior panels of each style and is feature as the "debossed" print, meaning the pattern has been raised from the surface.


What is Seigaiha?

The Seigaiha (See-Guy-Hah) pattern is a traditional Japanese design featuring repeating waves or arcs, often resembling overlapping semicircles. Historically, it has been used in various forms of art and craft in Japan, including ceramics, textiles, and architectural elements. The pattern represents ocean waves, symbolizing good luck, calmness, and harmonious flow.

Limited Edition Seigaiha

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