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This is the quintessential leather belt. Made from 10oz Italian vegetable tanned leather it is built to last. You can select from 4 leather options, Black, Brown, English Brown and Natural.


The buckle is avilable in two styles, Centre Bar and Heel Bar. Both are made from solid brass. These buckels are interchangeable with the belt strap, which means you can purchase a sperate buckle in order to swap them in and out. You can also purchase a seperate buckle HERE in a different finish, allowing for a variety of options with a single belt.


The Centre Bar Buckles are secured to the belt with 3 solid brass chicago screws. These screws can be removed for easy regular maintenance and conditioning of the belt. The centre bar buckle is designed so that a traditional leather keeper is not required. This results in a clean finished closed belt and with a billet of 4" it will easily tuck into your belt loop.


The Heel Bar Buckles are a traditional buckle recuring a leather keeper.


We also reccomend using a Smith's Leather Balm to maintain your belt for years to come



  • 10oz Vincenzo Full Grain Vegetable Tanned Leather from Italy.
  • Strap Width 1.5"
  • Colors include Black, Dark Brown and English Brown. 
  • Centre Bar Buckle Hardware is solid brass in either Antique Brass, Matte Nickel or Bright Nickel.
  • Heel Bar Buckle Hardware is solid brass in Matte Black.
  • 5 holes spaced by 1" on center.

The Core Belt

Excluding GST/HST
  • Having a properly fitting belt is extremly important to the functionality of your belt. This is why all our belts are made to measure, meaning you dont just select a size like in a store.

    We have made a simple guide, pictured above, to help you measure your existing belt. Before we make your belt we will email you to confirm your belt size, there are no returns on these items.

    If you have any questions about measuring please get in touch.

  • To ensure your belt out lasts you it's important to take care of it. We reccomend conditioning your belt once every two months (or more) with Smith's Leather Balm.

    This natural leather balm will ensure your belt stays hydrated and won't dry out.