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I am thrilled to release for my first custom Shell Cordovan. This pattern was made specifically to my request for colours and pattern. These two shells are truly unique and are the only ones of their kind. Each order will also receive a hand stitched motel style key fob.


* Each wallet will received the Norfolk Stamp and a gold embossed roman numeral based on  when it was ordered. These marks will be on the inside of the wallet and descrete, they wont be visible once the wallet has cards.


** You can select 3 styles, Orko, Nomo or Philian. If the listing photos show a tannery stamp it means it is still available. If you would like a specific section of the shell please let me know in the notes section at checkout.


*** If you would like the reverse side of the shell facing out, please let me know at checkout.

Norfolk Shell Cordovan

Excluding GST/HST