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A clean compact wallet designed for people that carry cards and a bit of cash.


The Nomo wallet measures 4" tall, 3" wide and 0.5" to 0.75" in thickness. Depending on the weight of the leather used the overall thickness will vary.



The interior compartment can hold up to 6 cards comfortably with the exterior pockets designed for a single card. The interior can also accommodate twice-folded cash of CAD, USD, EUR and YEN for example.

Construction Style

This is hand stitched wallet. It is constructed from two pieces of leather folded in half and wrapped around each other. The benefits of this style is both aesthetic and practical. Because the leather is folded the interior pocket capacity is quite large, comfortably holding 6 cards with potentially room for up to 8.


Who Uses This Wallet

The person that wants this wallet is looking for a wallet that fits all their cards. They don't mind swapping cards in and out of the exterior pocket, based on their needs and time of day. In the morning they have a debit and transit pass in the exterior pockets, with a single folded cash note. At night they swap the exterior cards for a credit card and I.D. The versatility of this wallets means it can hold all your cards and adapt to your needs through the day.


If you want to become a stockist or private-label the Logos wallet, let's talk.