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Handmade Leather Plant Hangers

Made from beautiful distressed pull-up leather, each piece is made hand, one piece at a time.

The Hangers

Made from beautiful distressed leather that has a slight pull-up effect. The waxy finish makes this leather robust as well as soft to the touch. It will naturally develop a vintage-looking patina over time. The straps come long at about 35" allowing for a complete adjustable length of up to 30" from the hanging point to the top of the planter. Standard colours ar beige and black with a wide range of other colours being available through special order. 

  • Fits pots 3" to 5" in diameter

  • Ideal for pots up to 6" tall

  • Adjustable 1/2" wide straps

  • Maximum Strap length 30"

  • Maximum weight 5lds

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Standard Colours





In My Home Studio

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Plant Hanger-09.jpg
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Special Order Colours