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Hey Everyone, 

I've got an opportunity for to not only help support an amazing cause
but also win a beautiful wallet.

The Details:
- Donate a minimum of $5 through the link below.
- Each $5 increment gets you a entry to win this wallet.
- Minimum donation requirement is $250 for the draw to occur.
- If we reach that goal or more the draw will occur Oct.12
- Email me a screenshot of your donation amount and I will record your entries.

The Wallet:
This is a beautiful Orko wallet made from Brown Marbled Rocado Shell Cordovan.
Hand Stitched with polished and waxed finished edges. This wallet retails for $250.

The Cause:
Remember Nhu is a movement of people who dream of a better world. We believe that children have an inalienable right to grow up happy and healthy, and the idea that any child should be victimized in this way is appalling to all of us. Consider the following question: If you had the opportunity to identify a child who is at risk of being sold, prevent that from happening, and protect the child from ever entering the sex trade.