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Thank you.
Your support has allowed us to sponsor
Jennifer and Davis for 2022.

The sponsorship covers meals at home, clothes, bedding, reading and education material and access to National Hospital Insurance Cover.

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Worlds End South Africa

This Year's Goal

$2,022 for 2022

Let's make a difference

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Ways to help

Buy a Wallet

Purchase a wallet or digital plan from the following collection and I will donate the proceeds PRC.

This is a great way to help support our goals and get a handmade wallet.

These purchases will be used towards my yearly goal of $2,022.

Donate to PRC

Project Rescue Children (PRC) is an organization dedicated to abolishing child trafficking and exploitation across the world through rescue, aftercare and awareness. Their international headquarters is based on the Gold Coast, Queensland Australia.


Project Rescue Children is a 100% volunteer-based charity and relies solely on donations to be able to carry out their operations to support children that have been exploited through child trafficking.